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Friday, July 1, 2011

The tragedy of life is what dies inside a man while he lives.

Albert Schweitzer was the philosopher behind this quote.  This is rather cynical, a little gloom and doom to ponder however, one that deserves a fair amount of time, energy, and reflection. Our society is rather pathetic in the fact that on a daily basis humans make decisions whether conscious or not that adversely affect one another. On a personal note, I have personally at the ripe age of twenty  felt for a very long time that I was simply dead inside. I would contemplate notions that have no clear, cut and dry answer. How can one really live if they feel as though they have nothing to live for? This may seem like a pre-teen drama flick however I assure you this is not... how can one regain the strength inside to move forward and move on when that right and privilege, known as happiness, was stripped away in one fell swoop.  I have met my fair share of scallywags and poor souls throughout my life. Enough to assure me that my feelings, my aspirations, my love, and my goals are never safe and always within reach. How can one person simply set off a chain of events that change you forever. I look in the mirror and often wonder who the hell I became and why. It is often sad to think about the poor souls who wander this earth looking for their next victim or their next five seconds of feeling wanted and desired. However, one must not focus their attention...too much... on those people instead focus of yourself and your personal happiness.  Learn how to love, trust, and live once again. I know better than most how difficult that process may be.